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With the passing of every new season in the ever evolving fashion industry, the fashion sense for most existing underwear products, its style or its forms has remained pretty much unchanged through time. The battle between fashion and practicality raised the question as to what extent can each of the criteria balance themselves on the equilibrium. More often than not, majority will sacrifice their desire for a little more adventurous uniqueness and fashion style for the practicality of comfort and norms. Most will still perceive under gears as personal and private and should not be a fashion item to be paraded or about.

For those who dare to be different in style without compromising the fundamentals of being comfortable and being confident of who they are, PRIVATE STRUCTURE is the SOLUTION to it all. With a creatively driven and acute sense of fashion as well as an up-to-date knowledge about the technology and business, we arrive with challenging new concepts for each brand new seasons, delivering the most appealing and yet the most comfortably structured under gears suited to cater all categories and all needs.

Our product range is innovatively diversified, and with new line of products being added every new seasons. Branching out and developing into even wider product lines such as lounge wear, casual wear and gym wear, each range of our products continues to live up to our highest expectations of individuality and character, superb quality merchandise production, sophisticated styles and outstandingly cutting edge designs.

And in the waves of enormous global competitions growing from day to day, we hold firm to our strong believes that the ultimate customer’s satisfaction is the key to our success and branding, backed by our excellent product quality and promise delivery. Every day, we look for new innovative ways to connect with our existing and new customers from all around the world, delivering them the next best thing that come close in contact with their personal self. A product that will always remain as a fashion statement through time, yet something just as sensitive and sensual with a unique finish of personal touch. Constantly providing value to our business partners, shareholders and staffs, we make positive contributions to the communities where we do business.

Brand Identity: Dynamic, Individualistic, Sophisticated, Smart, Sensual, Romantic Loving
Brand Positioning: Crafting trendy and contemporary fashion forwarded merchandise for individuals who leads a urban and chic lifestyle; enhancing one’s confidence either being dressed or undressed.
Brand Direction: Emerge as in international brand by creating emotional and personal connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences and compelling marketing while upholding world class product quality and delivery.
Brand Value: Creative, integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance are the key values that guide our success. These values and culture are embedded across our organization and our team of passionate and talented people around the world. We honor them and we believe in doing business in a socially responsible way.
Market Analysis: The distinctions of products demand among high, middle and low end market are becoming more and more obvious. With the high and middle end consumers preferring reputable brands, creative styles and better services, they pay more attention to the combination of packaging, colors and designs of the products as well as the exclusive demonstration of the merchandise mix. The middle and low class consumers on the other hand, are more sensitive on prices, qualities and the practicality of the products, and whether the material and workmanship are worthy of the product prices.